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Here is an outstanding white light movie from Alexandra from the 12 August 2012. Here is Alexandra's website demonstrating here international award winning photography.


30 July 2012 here is an awesome prominence eruption captured by Pete Desypris  of Athens Greece.


Here is a huge limb ejection caught by my friend Keith Watson from Cyprus on the 27 June 2012 at 11-15 [not sure if UT or local time?]

29 May 2012 here is a stunning erupting prominence sequence caught by Jim Ferreira in California - a beautiful capture! Here is the original forum thread with Jims images.


10 May 2012 this beautiful Sequence of an M5.7-class solar flare that peaked between 04:11 and 04:18UT was captured by David Maidment using a Lunt 152mm Ha telescope from his home in Iran this is an outstanding capture of a spectacular event, well done David! Here are Davids original images on the cloudynights forum

David Maidment flare

22 April Keith Watson caught the beautiful prominence lift off from Cyprus


18 January 2012, Keith Watson has prepared a beautiful full disc and close up of the huge prominence structure from his holiday home on Cyprus.

images/stories/video0223 12-01-18 09-39-53r copy.jpg

images/stories/video0229 12-01-18 09-46-08r copy.jpg

7 October 2011 Keith has prepared two animated sequences on explosive activity associated with AR1305 as it was on the limb. The set up Keith used , 80 mm Refractor Piggy backed on a 10" Meade LX 200.  Double stacked Lunt 75mm Ha filters  on refractor. Camera Dmk 21 single stack I try for 60 FPS with double stack about 10 to 15 FPS ,Image sequence every 10 mins normally 1500 to 2500 frames per sequence , so in a 9 shot Animation there are some times 16000 (thousand ) images used.



3 October 2011 here are two animations prepared by Keith Watson from his Cyprus holiday. Animated sequences at 10 minute intervals.


3 October here is a look at AR1302 prepared by Keith Watson


2 October 2011 here is an animation prepared by my friend Keith Watson while on holiday in Cyprus. Local time 08-29 start of sequence. Keith is certainly improving - brilliant work Keith!


Here is an animation prepared form Cloudy Nights forum photos posted by Old Dinosaur. A longer version in the right hand image. I would have loved to have captured these post flare loops myself but I was completely clouded out!


Here my friend Tony Hood has captured the ISS and Space shuttle Endevour attached and this was mission No. STS135 - the very last shuttle mission! Tony captured it as it transited the Sun a few seconds after 11.04UT on the 15 July 2011 and he captured it in white light with his Cannon 450D and 1.6 Barlow through his 80mm Williams Optics Megres 11 (Roman 2) refractor mounted on his HEQ 5 tracking mount. ISO 100. Exp 1250th second. Excellent work Tony!

images/stories/img_3286_2_2 cropped v v small.jpg

Here is a close up of the same photograph.

images/stories/img_3286_2_2 cropped zoomed v small.jpg

These following animations were prepared by Keith Watson, he came along to my talk at Rother Valley Optics on the 7th May 2011, Keith did not know how to create an animation - you can see his rapid progress clearly demonstrated here through his superb animations. Brilliant work Keith!

Keith captured this ejection from Cyprus on 9 July 2011 and also 6 frames covering AR1247. Brilliant animations Keith.



Captured on the 6th July 2011 from Cyprus here are 11 frames that Keith has animated and coloured in Photoshop CS5 between 09-19 and 09-42 CY time. It is fantastic to see Keith's daily improvements here!


Captured on the 1 July 2011 this is a large prominence lifting off. Keith Watson captured this from his holiday in Cyprus 11 frames between 08-02 and 09-15 local time running at one 5-minute frame every 0.1 seconds. Stunning work Keith!


I coloured this one for Keith and then sent the settings over to him so that he could follow the example and get the great results above.


Here is a prominence animation taken on the 30 June 2011 from Cyprus.




Here is Keith's first surface details animation.

images/stories/video0016-11-06-25-13-50-31r-x3 1.gif

Here are the first animations prepared by my friend Keith Watson - keep up the good work Keith!


Large prominence on 31 May 2011 with 11 frames starting at 12-23 [11-23UT]


3 June 2011 starting at 08-39 [07-39UT] here are 11 frames.


16 June 2011 starting ait 08-04 [07-04UT] here are 5 frames.


25 July 2011 at 05-18UT Keith has captured an ISS transit, this can be seen just to the right of the disc centre point, this was his first day of imaging from Cyprus. - You bet there will be much more to come! Below you will see the ISS transit the Sun - thanks Keith.