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Major events from GONG 2013

This work utilizes data obtained by the Global Oscillation Network Group (GONG) Program, managed by the National Solar Observatory, which is operated by AURA, Inc. under a cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation. The data were acquired by instruments operated by Big Bear Solar Observatory, High Altitude Observatory, Learmonth Solar Observatory, Udaipur Solar Observatory, Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias, and Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory. Additional support is provided by the US Air Force Weather Agency.

The NSO/GONG ground based observatories provide 24 hour coverage of solar activity. They post the movies and jpeg image files on line and these remain for 60 days in the public domain. Here I have been granted the necessary permission by the program senior management and I shall attempt to show the major solar activity events on a full disc and close up basis. I must emphasis that these are not my images they are are obtained with the necessary permission from the GONG archive. I have used the large Jpeg Archive to prepare these movies. They do serve to show what the amateur solar movie makers could capture if filming the right place on the Sun at the right time.

The animations are prepared in Photoshop CS5 and I have added the colour scheme.

Here are some of the major events animated from the GONG site for 2013.

15 May 2013 X1.2 flare

15 May 2013 here is an X1.2-class solar flare from AR1748 from 01:10 to 03:00UT

X1.2 close up

Close up

X3.2 flare

X3.2-class solar flare on 14 May 2013 from 00:40 to 02:40UT breaking across AR1748

X3.2 close up

Close up.

X2.8 flare

13 May 2013 here is an X2.8-class solar flare and prominence lift off from 15:45 to 17:50UT

close up

Close up

X1.7 flare

13 May 2013 here is a X1.7-class flare from 02:16 to 03:55UT

close up 1.7 class flare

Close up