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Aurora Borealis

Monochrome Animations

Here I present the original monochrome GIF animations so that you can compare them to the coloured versions in the other sections.

This is a 17-frame animation of a very active prominence from 1 September 2011 between 09-06 and 09-54UT.


1 September 2011 here is an animation of AR1282, AR1279 and AR1277 between 10-03 and 10-36UT. Seeing conditions grade 3.


This is a 7 frame animation on 29 August 2011 between 13-17 and 13-23UT on a limb flare and active prominence but unfortunately clouded out completely after this short run.


This as a short animation of a large prominence on 27 August 2011 between 15-41 and 16-02UT unfortunately the seeing soon went from a reasonable grade 2 to a poor grade 4 with loads of clouds about.


This is an animation of AR1271 on the 22 August 2011 between 10-31 and 11-14UT with the seeing changing from a reasonable grade 2 to an awful grade 4.


Photographed on the 21 August 2011 between 13-09 and 13-22UT here is a small flare breaking on above AR1272. Seeing conditions grade 3.


Active prominence form the 21 August 2011 between 11-31 and 12-04UT.


Photographed on 3 August 2011 this is AR1261 showing some sub-flaring activity between 08-22 and 08-50UT seeing conditions grade 2.


Photographed on the 28 July 2011 a flare breaks across AR1260 between 09-06 and 09-30UT.


Photographed on 15 July 2011 between 12-29 and 13-05UT here is AR1250 showing micro-flaring activity. Seeing conditions were a grade 2.


Photographed on 9 July 2011 between 14-09 and 14-25UT here are 9 frames animated.


Photographed on the 9 July 2011 between 13-29 and 13-58UT here is a 13-frame sequence of AR1247.


Photographed on 9 July 2011 between 15-58 and 16-09UT, this was a strange looking limb ejection.


Photographed on 09 July 2011 between 09-37 and 09-46UT only managed to capture 8-frames before being clouded out!

9 July 2011

Here is a strange object transiting the sun on the 29 June 2011 at 18-30UT here I present just 14 frames of the 131 original clip, any one got any ideas what it is? After a posting on the Cloudy Nights forum I think that we can conclude it was a pair of party balloons tied together but check out the forum thread it is both informative and hillarious!


3 July 2011





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