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Aurora Borealis

Spectacular solar events

Here I am starting to compile sequences of some of the spectacular solar events that I have captured over the last 5 years or so with a separate page devoted to each solar phenomena, some examples are: Prominence eruptions, filament eruptions, Post flare loops, X-class flares, M-class flares, C class flares, shock waves etc.


2 September 2014 here is a massive filament lifting off from 14:12 to 16:12 UT in fairly poor seeing.

Big prominence eruption

Here I captured a huge prominence eruption on 11 September 2013 from 08:07 to 09:23 UT this high resolution sequence also shows some spicule action.

Here is an even larger event that I filmed on 4 September 2012 from 08:48 to 12:28 UT

08:42 to 09:00 UT

09:03 to 09:32 UT

These two videos are of the same event the latter shows the full extent of this eruption filmed 31 July 2012

Filmed in very poor seeing this prominence erupted on 10 April 2011 sequence from 09:50 to 10:48 UT

Massive eruption filmed on 13 April 2010 this is only five frames. 08:22 to 08:53 UT