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Would you like to visit our new home in southern Spain? Please send us an email via this link with a return land line number if possible. PLEASE CHECK OUT HOW CHEAP IT IS TO FLY INTO ALMERIA OR ALICANTE USING THIS SKYSCANNER LINK.

Here is a link to location map - we are situated just above Los Gallardos and the Calar Alto Observatory is about 20 miles due west of us on the summit immediately north of Gergal. We are only 15 minutes from the coast and the stunning resort of Mojacar.

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New auto-guide system for 2016

new auto guide system

Here is the new EQ8 mount from 2015

EQ8 mount

My first deep sky image a 152 minute exposure [16 separate exposures] of M 8


images/stories/dsc01775 reduced.jpg

Here is a view of the telescopes pointing south, it is an open view to within 2 degrees of the horizon, there is lots of vegetation to prevent the ground heating up and there are no hot walls from an observatory to contend with - this together with no street lights makes for some stunning seeing conditions. The base of the pier is at an altitude of 466 m above sea level. Here are the specifications of some of our telescopes. Takahashi TOA130, Takahashi Sky90, Coronado SM90 H-alpha telescope.

A stunning sunset

A stunning sunset over the western ridge.

TOA 130, Sky 90 and 80 mm Williams Optics refractor configuration.

Local skies 15 June 2015 at 01:00 UT. This is my south facing view.

images/stories/dsc01784 reduced.jpg

Here is the east, south, west panorama with the sun rising over the breakfast terrace, the quiet is only penetrated by the sound of numerous bird songs. The full aspect of the Sierra Cabrerra mountain range forms the back drop.

Milky Way over the house 8 June 2015 by Trevor Worral


Here is a view of our courtyard and our pet west highland white Alfie he is a very friendly little chap. Access to the pool and observatory is through the door to the left of the palm tree.

Under the big telescope

Here is a photo of your hosts Andy and Judy posing underneath the 3.5 m telescope at the Calar Alto Observatory - here are more photos

Here I am starting to present some of my recent lunar and planetary works

Here I am starting to make a photographic record of the local wild life that we often see - link and a spectacular video shot just up the hill from us and one I shot of the French Partridges in our garden. Here is a Bonelli's eagle video and a stunning website Almerianatura it shows the huge biodiversity of this region. This is a spectacular website about the geology of the region.

images/stories/dsc01933 small.jpg

This is an adolescent male Ibex returning to the mountains after eating our plants and my neighbours flower bed! He is on the track only 10m from our terrace.

This is an older male on the night shift in our garden just after eating our roses. He did not pay for them but he did leave a deposit!

Here are some of the local walks to consider and a site covering the mountain ranges of Almeria province.


We would always recommend renting a car but if you do not drive we can arrange airport pick up and drop off and here is the website of the local ALSA bus service with the nearest stop in Los Gallardos.

If you wish to spend your days discovering the multitude of places of interest/tourist attractions in the close vicinity I have compiled a list below with useful web links and driving times for your consideration.

Here is a link to location map - we are located just above Los Gallardos and the Calar Alto Observatory is on the summit north of Gergal.

Los Gallardos is the nearest local town and just a 5 minute drive away and sits on the coastal plain just at the start of the Sierra de los Filabres mountain range.

Extreme Adventure Mojocar this is my friend Minola's adventure park at Turre [10 minutes drive] and the market town of Turre.

Bedar town [less than 10 minutes drive] and all the walks incorporating the historical mining operations [less than 10 minutes drive] here is a video of the route of the miners and a down hill cycle ride into the town.

Garruch go-carts [10 minutes drive] and sea fishing trips from Garrucha [15 minutes drive]

Here is a stunning video of Mojocar Playa - the local beach holiday resort [15 minutes drive]

Golf courses, there are 4 nearby courses including;  Desert springs [20 minutes drive], Mojocar [15 minutes drive], Vera golf [10 minutes drive], Cortijo grande [15 minutes], and a link to others.

The caves of Sorbas and courses in rock climbing/caving [20 minutes drive] and the beautiful cultural town of Sorbas and a video of the route between Sorbas and Tabernas an excellent route for cycling.

Cabrera and the Sierra Cabrera mountain range [20 minutes drive].

Vera playa water park [20 minutes] or the historic town of Vera [15 minutes drive] here is a video and Cuevas del Almanzora [25 minutes drive].

Tabernas motorcycle circuit [30 minutes drive] and the towns of Uleila del Campo and video [35 minutes drive] and Lubrin [25 minutes drive].

There is the home of the Spaghetti Westerns and over 100 feature films Mini Hollywood, Fort Bravo and the town of Tabernas [40 minutes drive]

The beautiful mountain town of Nijar [30 minutes drive] and the coastal resort of Carboneras [40 minutes drive].

Here is a stunning video of Almeria City [50 minutes drive]

Cabo de Gata natural park [30 to 60 minutes drive], the abandoned Rodalquilar Gold Mine [used for numerous movies] and the beautiful coastal village/resort of San Jose [all about 60 minutes drive]. Here is a video about its stunning geology and coral reefs.

Calar Alto Observatory, here is a video [70 minutes drive] and the Sierra de los Filabres. Here is a 40th anniversary video about the observatory.

The nearest of the Sierra Nevada ski slopes [90 minutes drive] Granada City [100 minutes drive] and the main Ski-station resort 120 minutes drive] and Piste map

You could drive north on the A7/E15 to the city of Murcia [90 minutes drive] or the beautiful port of Cartagena [70 minutes drive includes a toll road]