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1   Link   Space Weather
Forecasts of solar flares and geomagnetic storms, plus daily animations of the sun.
2   Link   The Helioviewer
Here you can check the SDO data to observe past solar eruptions. A great way to confirm that solar flare that you witnessed!
3   Link   Solar Monitor
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's Solar Data Analysis Center (SDAC). These pages contain near-realtime and archived information on active regions and solar activity. For information on our new SolarMonitor IDL Data Object (SOLMON), check out the SOLMON Tutorial. Check out News for other updates.
4   Link   The Sun and Solar Physics
Information on the Sun and Solar Physics from the web
5   Link   BBS Science
This is a very informative site run by the BBC
6   Link   American Astronomical Society
Solar Physics Division (SPD) is the advancement of the study of the Sun and the coordination of such research with other branches of science. As of May 2005, there are 566 members of the SPD from all around the world. The SPD holds annual scientific meetings, awards several different prizes, and supports students in various ways.
7   Link   Calsky
Information on ISS transits and space launches and much much more
8   Link   NASA Science News
This is the NASA Science News site where all the latest discovery releases are posted.
9   Link   Space daily
Space daily gives bulletins of recent developments
10   Link   The Sun Today
NASA's C Alex Young this is his dedicated solar website.
11   Link   Carrington Super Flare
Richard Carrington observed the first solar flare in September 1859, it was the largest ever recorded. Here you can see his discovery drawings and a more recent NASA analysis.
12   Link   Carrington Rotation Number
STEREO browse plots by Carrington Rotation Number
13   Link   Current Solar Data
Current Solar Data from NOAA
14   Link   Carrington Rotation numbers by date
Carrington Rotation Commencement Dates from Years 1853-2016
(Rotation Numbers -10 to 2172)
15   Link   The magnetic Topology of Solar Eruptions
An explanation for the well-known observation that complexity of the solar magnetic field is a necessary ingredient for strong activity such as large eruptive flares.
16   Link   index of refraction of air
Refractive Index of Air Calculator is a web-based tool for calculating the index of refraction of air and wavelength of light in air as a function of various input parameters, using the Ciddor Equation or a modified version of the Edlén Equation.
17   Link   Index of air pressure at altitude
Elevation above sea level - in feet and meter - with barometric and atmospheric pressure - inches mercury, psia, kg/cm2 and kPa
18   Link   Understanding atmospheric seeing
A survey of on line articles covering atmospheric seeing conditions
19   Link   Jet stream over Europe
Current Jet Stream winds map over Europe
20   Link   Light pollution over Europe
Map of light pollution over Europe
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