SDAC Solar Image


Aurora Borealis

Imaging equipment

Here are the imaging cameras being used by solar imaging specialists.

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1   Link   The Imaging Source
Here is the Imaging Source site they are the producers of the excellent DMK cameras.
2   Link   Ian King Imaging
Ian King is an excellent supplier of all types of astronomical imaging equipment including the DMK cameras that I use.
3   Link   Point Grey Imaging Systems
Here are the Point Grey high speed imaging cameras - may of the top imagers are using their high speed Flea 3 and other cameras.
4   Link   Luminera SKYnix cameras
Here are the excellent luminera CCD cameras
5   Link   Daves auto guiding system
Here is Dave's system for auto-guiding on to the Sun.
6   Link   Solar spectroscapy
Here is a way to carry out solar spectroscapy
7   Link   Field of view calculation for CCD imaging
Here is a simple calculation to show the field of view delivered by your camera in relation to the focal length of your telescope.