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Imaging, Processing and Animation

Here are a list of useful tools for making solar images and animations

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1   Link   Avistack
AviStack is a freeware tool for astronomy that registers, stacks and processes movies and image sequences.
2   Link   Registax6
Excellent free image processing software!
3   Link   Focus Magic
Focus Magic uses advanced forensic strength deconvolution technology to literally "undo" blur and recover lost detail. It can repair both out-of-focus blur and motion blur (camera shake) in an image.

Some of the top astro-photographers use this program and it looks like a very interesting way forward!
4   Link   Solar Primer
Here is an excellent PDF showing you how to make the best Ha images - Brilliant.
5   Link   Nick Howes Astronomy Now Solar Observing
If you're thinking about taking up solar observing this summer be sure to consult these fantastic video guides, in which Astronomy Now's equipment expert Nick Howes first introduces you to the different types of solar telescope available and the different wavelengths used to observe the Sun, before guiding you through aligning your telescope with the Sun, which can be a surprisingly difficult feat! If you want to take things further and learn how to image the Sun then Nick takes you through some imaging tips, before heading indoors to suss out the basics of image processing. Finally, he shares a few imaging tricks to get your images looking like those you can see in the Astronomy Now magazine's picture gallery.
6   Link   How to use Registax 6
Useful tutorial on how to use Registax 6
7   Link   Introduction to solar processing
Stephen Ramsdens very helpful introduction to solar processing - terrific!
8   Link   The tilting sun
Here is the excellent tilting sun program to help find solar co-ordinates
9   Link   CCD image scale
Here is a way to calculate the scale of your image on your CCD
10   Link   Processing images
Here is a stunning image and some processing tips on the CN forum from a real expert imager Alan Freeman - his work is awesome!
11   Link   CaK Observations
Excellent explanation of CaK features prepared by Alexander.
12   Link   Polar aligning your mount
Here is Alexander's tip for polar aligning during the day you can also check out her superb website
13   Link   Photoshop CS5 plug in
Plug in for merging photos via Luca.

All you have to do, once you have the zipped file, is open it and look for the PhotomergeUI plugin. Extract that in the Plugin folder and the next time you open photomerge, you'll have the interactive layout option.
14   Link   Solar chat reference library
If you want to find out the best imaging tips etc from the worlds top amateur solar imagers check here first
15   Link   Newtons Rings
Mark Townley - expert solar imager says - A circular polariser placed between the 2 may remove this effect - possibly? However, if this effect works it will come at the expense of reduced transmission. Most of the polarisers i've seen have a transmission of
16   Link   Problem with Newton rings
Having problems with Newton rings here is the cloudy nights forum solution!
17   Link   Removing prominence shadows
This is Chris Schurs excellent tutorial for removing these deconvoluting rings.
18   Link   Processing solar images using AutoStackert2
Here is a superb tutorial on how to use this image processing soft ware
19   Link   Tilting Sun
This superb software lets you understand or calculate the orientation of the sun or allow you to include an orientated overlay grid on to your captured image - brilliant!
20   Link   How to make an Earth sized circle for your prominence photos
Here is an excellent tutorial from the CN Forum
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