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Astronomy Magazines

Here are the sites of the monthly Astronomy magazines.

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1   Link   Amateur Astrophotography
Here is an excellent internet bast magazine that focuses on astrophotography.
2   Link   Astronomy-wise online magazine
Here is the excellent NEW online astronomy magazine Astronomy-wise
3   Link   Icy Science magazine
Here is a new free electronic astronomy/science magazine
4   Link   Solar Observer Magazine
Solar Observer, the first international magazine devoted to solar astronomy. Solar Observer is a magazine published by a group of solar astronomy enthusiasts. It covers all areas of solar astronomy including the current knowledge of solar science,solar observation, solar astrophotography, solar radio astronomy, as well as solar spectroscopy. Solar Observer publishes articles written by an international team of dedicated amateur and professional astronomers and invites submissions from its readers. Solar Observer intends to attract a broad range of readers, from the beginner to advanced astronomer. Solar Observer aims to provide an international platform of communication, discussion and debate among the solar enthusiasts, educate the public, and promote international professional-amateur collaboration.
5   Link   Astronomy Now Magazine
Astronomy Now magazine is the UK's longest standing astronomy magazine, providing a monthly source of information for amateur and professional astronomers alike.
6   Link   Astronomy Magazine
The worlds best selling astronomy magazine
7   Link   Sky and Telescope
Sky & Telescope, the Essential Magazine of Astronomy. News, observing tips, how-to advice, and more!
8   Link   Sky at Night
The world's best practical astronomy website, Sky at Night has telescope reviews, advice for observing the night sky, beginners astronomy, and how-to guides ...
9   Link   Space Safety Magazine
Here is the on line Space Safety Magazine

10   Link   Magazine of the Observatory of Paris
Here is the electronic magazine published by the Observatory of Paris