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How solar filters work

Here are some useful articles to show how solar filters work

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1   Link   An Introduction to air-spaced Etalons
Part 1: An Introduction to Air Spaced Etalons and Solar Telescope Technology
by Colin Kaminski
2   Link   Resonant Spaces Part 2
Resonant Spaces - Part 2: An Introduction to Solid Spaced Etalons and Solar Telescope Technology
by Colin Kaminsk
3   Link   Experiment in double stacking
Bob from Cloudy Nights forum posted this on his double-stacking Coronado SM 90 experiment
4   Link   Double stacking
Here is Bob Yoesle's excellent piece on double stacking Ha front ethalon units
5   Link   Single v Double-stacking
Here is an excellent Cloudy Nights forum thread discussing the differences between single and double stacking H-alpha telescopes
6   Link   How a solar wedge works
Here are some diagrams as to how the solar wedge works
7   Link   Lunt Solar Wedge from the inside out
Here Mark Townley dismantles a Lunt Solar Wedge.
8   Link   Spectrohelioscope
Here is a CN thread on spectrohelioscopes
9   Link   Why nightime H-alpha filters do not work for white light
Here is a superb explanation as to why it is not possible to use a night time hydrogen-alpha filter for solar work by Bob Yeosle
10   Link   CaK system designs
Here is an extremely interesting thread on the CN forum showing how Cak filtration systems work.
11   Link   Optical filter construction
Here is an excellent document describing the difference between hard and soft solar filer coatings.
12   Link   Photomertic properties of commercial halpha filters
Here is an excellent paper discussing the photometric properties of commercial H alpha filters
13   Link   Analysis of F-P Ha Filters
Here is an excellent analysis of the F-P etalon by Christian Valadrich