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Historical solar observations

Here I have started to assemble sources concerning the examination and techniques of historical solar observations.

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1   Link   A solar cycle lost in 1793-1800
New evidence changes the perspective on this previously contended period of low activity.
2   Link   the 400 year record of sunspots
An excellent resume of the historical record of sunspots.
3   Link   Sunspot observations by Heinrich Schwabe
This work gives an inventory and evaluation of the images obtained from the log books of Schwabe. They are now digitized and held in the possession of the Royal Astronomical Society
4   Link   History and calibration of sunspot numbers
Solar physics paper covering the history and calibration of sunspot numbers
5   Link   The Galileo Project
Science project on Galileo's solar drawings, he was the first modern solar astronomer.
6   Link   NASA celebrating 400 years of sunspot observations
NASA celebrating 400 years of sunspots including a video
7   Link   How well was the sun observed during the maunder minimum
Here is a detailed paper covering the observers from 1645 to 1715.
8   Link   Great moments in solar physics
a brief history of solar physics starting with the first recorded solar eclipse in 1223BC
9   Link   Sunspots 17 Century
An excellent over view of the sunspot record in the 17th Century
10   Link   Thomas Harriot
Here is an over view of Thomas Harriots work through the Galileo project
11   Link   Christopher Scheiner
Here is a look at Christopher Scheiners work through the Galeleo project
12   Link   NASA 50 years of solar explorration
NASA magazine detailing 50 years of solar science missions
13   Link   A time line of great moments in solar physics
Here is a great resume of the history of solar physics from the High Altitude Observatory
14   Link   Solar physics in India from the 19 century to the present
Here is a resume of the development in solar physics in India from the nineteenth century to the present era
15   Link   A history of the 60 foot solar tower
Here is a brief history of the 60-foot solar tower at Mt Wilson Observatory
16   Link   Information on sunspot numbers
NOAA information on sunspot numbers back to 1818
17   Link   analysis of solar butterfly diagrams
Cluster analysis for pattern recognition in solar butterfly diagrams
18   Link   The butterfly diagram in the eighteenth century
The butterfly diagram in the 18th Century
19   Link   The solar differential rotation in the 18th century
Here is a superb article covering the solar differential rotation in the 18th century using the Johann Staudacher records from 1749 to 1799.
20   Link   The digitization of sunspot drawings
Here is an excellent work covering the digitization of historical sunspot drawings.
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