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1   Link   Astronomy For Begginers
Welcome to Astronomy For Beginners! As I was getting into astronomy I found it difficult trawling through all the virtually infinite amount of information on the internet, so I've tried to bring together what I've managed to learn here. Information about what sort of equipment to buy, what to look for in a telescope, and where to point the thing once you've got it! Theres also other useful stuff about astronomy in general, and some handy links to other useful pages. If you're interested in astrophotography you can have a look at the pictures I've taken, upload your own, and learn how to do it in the astrophotography section. Have a look at the brand new telescope reviews section- if you've got a telescope, tell everyone what you think about it by submitting a review!
2   Link   A comprehensive guide to the sun and information resource
Here is a comprehensive educational guide to the sun and solar physics
3   Link   Solar Physics
Very informative website on solar physics
4   Link
Here is an excellent astronomy website hosted by Gary Winter