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1   Link   Solar
Stephen Ramsden the king of outreach and his excellent website
2   Link   Michael Buxton's site
Michael is the animation guru - brilliant!
3   Link   Peter Meadows Solar site
This is Peter Meadows site, he is one of the BAA's most experienced solar observers - lots of information on how to observe and locate the position and size of sunspots. Terrific website a brilliant on-line resource!
4   Link
Greg Piepol's solar site. Terrific images and a superb resource section showing how the H-alpha filters work!
5   Link   Cokeham Observatory
Brian Hall's website, he is a keen solar observer
6   Link   Brierly Hill Solar blog
This is an excellent web site of Mark Townley a very dedicated Solar Astronomer from the West Midlands area of the UK. Mark specialises in full disc shots in various wave lengths.
7   Link   Jim Lafferty
This is Jim Lafferty's stunning solar site
8   Link   Amun-Ra
This website is dedicated the our nearest star, the sun. Its main purpose is to share the results of Luca Valentini's hobby, which is imaging the sun in high resolution and in different wavelengths. Luca's images are awesome!
9   Link   Alcaria Rego website
Alcaria is an excellent solar imager based in Portugal.
10   Link   James Kevin Ty website
James observes from Manila in the Phillipines, here is his excellent site.
11   Link   Harald Paleske
Here is Harald Paleskes website, he uses his 225mm unigraph to take the best stills ever produced by an amateur at focal lengths of 5 and sometimes 10m. Just astonishing and very inspirational!
12   Link   Alexandras photos
Here is Alexandra's stunning solar photos on Flicker and taken from Cheshire in the UK
13   Link   Gary Palmer the Sun in Motion
This is the excellent site of Gary Palmer a true pioneer of solar movie making techniques and a great inspiration to me
14   Link   Larry Alvarez
This is Larry Alvarez web site, Larry's work on the Springer book Observing the Sun using Coronado Telescopes and his movies on the web inspired me into the more serious side of solar astronomy - Thanks Larry!
15   Link   This is Robert Arnold's brilliant web site
Robert is a solar observer based in the Isle of Sky and he produces some extraordinary work from a very cloudy part of the UK
16   Link   Mick Nicholes excellent solar site
Here is a new site by my long time good friend Mick Nichols in Sheffield, Mick has recently bought a 60mm Coronado solar Ha telescope
17   Link   Spectroheliograph
Here is Spectral Joe's home made spectroheliograph - brilliant
18   Link   Theo Bakalexi
Here is Theo Bakalexis excellent solar website
19   Link   AZ BOUND 360 SUNSHINE
Here is Randy Shivak's excellent solar website from Arizona USA
20   Link   Phil Whiteblooms website
Here is Phil Whitebloom's excellent new website
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