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Solar Equipment Manufacturers

Here are the manufacturers websites - they have developed a large range of solar telescopes and filters for use by we amateurs.

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1   Link   Meade Instruments - Coronado
Meade Instruments took over Coronado and have continued to develop a superb range of Solar Telescopes
2   Link   Lunt Solar Systems LLC
A superb range of Solar Telescopes Solar Filters and Accessories with excellent customer service.
3   Link   Daystar Filters
Academic standard solar filters
4   Link   Solarscope
Prestige Hydrogen-alpha filters manufactured in the Isle of Man
5   Link   Thousand Oaks Optical
Manufacturers of SAFE solar filters for over 30 years
6   Link   Sol Vu Filters
Astro Engineering safe solar observing filter (with free observing guide!) The filter comprises a rigid aluminium mounting with three attachment screws with specially reinforced threaded bosses that fit over the front of the telescope objective or tube to allow safe, full aperture, solar viewing.

The flexible filter material is tough Mylar based Astro-Solar film by Baader, and allows the telscope to be used to safely observe and monitor white-light solar phenomena (sun spots, faculae etc).
7   Link   Daystar Calcium H filter
DayStar is proud to offer Calcium H ( 3969Å ) and two Calcium K-line (3933.7Å ) filtering systems.
8   Link   Baader Products for Solar Observing
Solar observing has never been more popular than nowadays. Baader Planetarium offers a broad range of products for solar observers.
9   Link   Kendrick solar filters
Kendrick solar filters
10   Link   Airylab
Here is the link to Airylab instruments in France
11   Link   Istar optical
High quality manufacturers of refractors and large objective lenses
12   Link   Orion glass solar filters
Here are precision glass filters that fit firmly over the a telescopes full aperture for white light viewing/imaging.