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Thursday, 25 April 2013 10:59

Here are my experiments with white light imaging

7 July 2014 here is one of my most successful attempt in white light to date sequence from 08:51 to 09:26 UT seeing vatiable.

7 July 2014

29 June 2013 here is my first white light attempt at 6m focal length [F46] sequence from 08:55 to 09:21UT in grade 2 to grade 3 seeing conditions

Granulation at 180%



29 June 2013

2013-06-23 here is my most successful attempt to date to capture sular granulation from 07;49 to 08:39UT grade 2 to grade 3 seeing so made video sets of over 2000 frames every 2 minutes.


Here is AR1775 from 07:49 to 08:19UT


2013 -05-25 here is a close up look at the principal sunspot in AR1755. Image at 300% enlargement.

25 May 2013

150% enlargement.

Normal size

2013-05-25 here is a look at AR1756 from 10:07 to 11:15UT in poor grade 3 to grade 4 seeing even inspite of shooting 1000 frame video segments.

25 May 2013

Here is a close up of the activity in the primary sunspot of this active region group AR1734.

5 May 2013 primary sunspot

2013-05-05 here is a look at AR1734 from 12:02 to 13:22UT in poor grade 3 to grade 4 seeing conditions.

5 May 2013

Colour version

5 May 2013 coloured version

2013-04-29 here is a short look at AR1731 from 09:26 to 09:34UT in poor grade 3 to grade 4 seeing conditions.


29 April 2013 from 08:36 to 09:18UT in poor grade 4 seeing conditions.


Here is a b/w look at AR1726 turned for correct solar orientation filmed on the 25 April 2013 between 10:22 and 11:35UT the sunspot was very close to the western limb at this stage. The seeing was between grade 2 and grade 4 so I was shooting between 900 and 1500 frame video sets. It is more difficult to pick out the granulation as a sunspot approaches the limb.

Here is a colour version

22 September 2012 here is AR1575 from 09:36 to 10:36UT in poor grade 3 to grade 4 seeing conditions

17 September 2012 here is AR1569 from 08:41 to 09:55 in grade 2 to grade 3 seeing conditions.

Coloured version

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