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Aurora Borealis

Wildlife photography

Here are some of my photographs of the local wildlife. I am using a Canon EOS 1200D attached to my Takahashi Sky 90 to get these close up images. This is a new project since the start of 2016. I intend to replace some of the lower resolution images with higher resolution ones once I have acquired the images of these birds.

cross bull

Cross bill

Hoopoe photographed at the local golf course, they do visit our garden but I have no close up yet of one in the garden.


Goldfinches are very regular visitors to our garden

We often see Bee eaters but it is rare to see them land

cross bill

Cross bills my first sightings in March 2017

The cross bills come in a large variety of different colours

Green finch


Black-eard wheater


Black Wheater




flycatcher female

This is some type of wheater?

Woodchat Shrike


Male Sardinian Warbler



A male Blackcap

Female Serin


Crested Lark


Blue rock thrush

This is a blue rock thrush

Rock thrush

This is the male blue rock thrush photographed at a distance of about 50 m




Fresh moulted Starling

Fresh moulted Starling

Female sparrow


Male sparrow


female spanish sparrow


great tit


Rock Bunting



This is a Robin


This is a Wren





This is a Griffon Vulture

Short toed eagle

This is a short toed eagle it landed on a pine tree about 600 m from the house (below)


Female Black Redstart

Male Black Redstart

Male Black Redstart



collard dove




Photo analysis seems to confirm that this is a Juvenile Honey Buzzard?


Two shots of an eagle that is still to be identified

Bonellis Eagle





Juvenile Ibex

Here is a juvenile Ibex

close up Ibex

Large group of Ibex

Large herd of male Ibex

Recently hatched baby tortoise March 2017

Baby Tortoise



A couple of Geckos

small lizard

A small lizard in the garden

A large Toad in the new pond



Below - Insects

A large Swallowtail butterfly.


Blue dragonfly

Blue Dragonfly photographed at Serena

Saddle backed bush cricket

Praying mantis photographed in our garden.

Red Dragonfly photographed at the side of our pool.