SDAC Solar Image


Aurora Borealis


My goal is to progressively excel with my SAFE observing techniques and to continuously extend my imaging skills to produce ever higher-quality stills and animated sequences of the Sun to showcase it at its dynamic best. I intend to share my techniques and in the future to provide access to research grade solar equipment located in a stunning holiday observing location.

I encourage you to join the British Astronomical Association and to consider contributing to their Solar Section’s observing program. Such contribution is a real opportunity for passionate amateur Solar Astronomers to participate in a long running Solar Science Program. I also intend to help you improve your outreach techniques to enhance your experiences when engaging with the wider public, something that I really enjoy myself.

I now invite you to join me on a more focused journey towards achieving your own personal goals. It is only just over 6 years since I bought my first telescope and so I am a relative new comer to this hobby myself. In this short period I have enjoyed making some fairly significant progress, mainly through guidance and assistance from others. I am an extravert by nature, so I firmly believe that experiences are best shared rather than pursued in isolation.

My first tip, “do not work in isolation and keep trying to reinvent the wheel”. I initially recommend you JOIN YOUR LOCAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY as they will have lots of experience and expertise that you could tap in to [as I do]. They will help guide you towards your personal goals. I am a member of a very progressive society the Mexborough and Swinton Astronomical Society and proud to say so!

To start, here are some initial guiding thoughts that have served me well over the years:

• Frustration – doing the same old things and expecting to get a different result!

• Failures – these deliver some of our best learning points, so, learn to evaluate them properly and then take full advantage of them!

• To improve - we need to become progressive and find the ways to move forwards!

• Questions - the only daft question is the one you do not ask!

So, let’s get started, set your own personal goals and be determined to make this progress happen!

Andy Devey April 2011