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Aurora Borealis

Latest Animations

Here are a selection of my latest animations.

7 September 2011 between 15-56 and 16-10UT here is active region AR1283 in varying seeing conditions from a moderate grade 3 to a poor grade 4.

7 September 2011

4 September 2011 between 16-35 and 16-52UT here is activity on the limb associated with AR1280 in varying seeing conditions from reasonable grade 2 to poor grade 3.

4 September 2011

1 September 2011 here is a prominence animation between 09-06 and 09-54UT in grade 2 seeing conditions using double-stacked 90mm Solarmax.

1 September 2012

1 September 2011 this is AR1283 seen here between 16-31 and 16-39UT in seeing conditions Grade 3 here I am in double-stacked mode.

1 September 2011

1 September 2011 between 10-03 and 10-36UT here is an animation of active regions AR1282, AR1277 and AR1279 in Grade 3 seeing conditions. Here in triple-stacked mode.

1 September 2011

29 August 2011 between 13-17 and 13-23UT here are 7 frames animated on a limb flare and active prominence in seeing conditions between a reasonable grade 2 and a fairly poor grade 3.

29 August 2011

27 August 2011 between 15-41 and 16-02UT. Here is a large prominence in seeing conditions varying between a grade 2 and grade 4.


22 August 2011 between 10-31 and 12-14UT here a small flare breaks across AR1271, the seeing was all over the place between a reasonable grade 2 and an awful grade 4.


21 August 2011 between 11-31 and 12-04UT here is an active prominence in grade 3 seeing conditions.


21 August 2011 between 13-09 and 13-22UT here is AR1272 showing a small flare breaking. Grade 3 seeing conditions.


21 August 2011 this is AR1271 between 12-39 and 13-05UT photographed in grade 3 seeing conditions.


14 August 2011 between 16-44 and 17-12UT here is a prominence and some spicule action. Grade 2 seeing conditions. The monochrome image is below.



09 August 2011 between 13-33 and 14-02UT here is AR1263 again in grade 2 seeing conditions.


09 August 2011 between 14-19 and 14-48UT here is AR1263 in grade 2 seeing conditions.


09 August 2011 between 14-53 and 14-15UT here are 11 frames showing a prominence.


03 August 2011 between 09-29 and 09-54UT here are 11 frames animated of AR1260 in grade 2 seeing conditions. Triple-stacked 90mm Solarmax.


03 August 2011 between 08-22 and 08-50 UT this is a 15-frame animation of AR1261 showing some sub-flaring activity in seeing conditions grade 2 triple stacked 90mm Solarmax.

This is the same sequence as below but I have done some more experimenting with the colours and brightness/contrast in Photoshop CS5.



03 August 2011 between 09-58 and 10-05UT got just 5 frames on AR1263 some with only 120 frame video segments due to clouds then clouded out completely!


30 July 2011 this is AR1263 seen here between 16-26 and 16-31UT seeing conditions 2.


30 July 2011 this is AR1261 between 16-07 and 16-21UT seeing conditions grade 3.


30 July 2011 this is AR1260 seen here between 15-29 and 15-55UT. Seeing conditions were a grade 2 to grade 3. I was triple-stacked again here. Some nice plasma activity but no flaring.




28 July 2011 between 09-06 and 09-30UT here is AR1260 producing a small solar flare. The seeing conditions were a grade 2 and here I was triple stacked through my 90mm Solarmax.



15 July 2011 here is a pair of sunspots Active Region AR1251 between 12-06 and 12-37UT. The seeing was a poor grade 2 and so I was in double stack mode only.


Here is the monochrome version of the same sequence.


15 July 2011 between 11-29 and 12-05UT here is AR1250 shown across 13 frames. The seeing conditions were grade 2.


Photographed on the 3 June 2011 between 17-32 and 17-59UT here are 15 frames of Active Regions AR1227 and 1226. Seeing conditions were grade 2 and these are double-stacked photos.